Ooly Pearlescent Watercolor Paint Gift Set


With 12 blendable pearlescent colors, you can make up an infinite amount of new colors and bring a metallic sparkle to your watercolor art projects. Mix and blend each color to make more colors than a rainbow, plus these amazing watercolor paints work on darker paper too, even black, meaning you can get even more creative when it comes to arts and crafts. But to get the most out of the paints, the Chroma Blends Watercolor Paper pad is what you need. Large enough for your beautiful watercolor paintings and small enough to easily travel with, the 15 sheets of 350gsm acid-free paper will make sure your art stands the test of time.

  • 12 blendable pearlescent watercolors
  • Brush Included
  • High Quality Watercolor Paper Pad - suitable for watercoloring and other water soluble art media
  • 15 Sheets of heavy weight and acid-free 350gsm watercolor paper

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